What are folders?

You can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders to organize your flashcards.

To study a folder just tap on the blue playbutton-icon. Your study session will then include all flashcards from the folder and its subfolders.

You could for example create a folder called "Languages" and inside it two subfolders called "Spanish vocabulary" and "French vocabulary". You have now the choice to either study the whole "Languages" folder with all flashcards from the two subfolders randomly mixed together or to study just the "Spanish vocabulary" folder for example.

Creating a folder

Tap on the icon in the top right corner. The one with the plus sign in a circle. Now just enter a name for your new folder.

Can I copy my flashcards from the Android version to the iOS version?

Yes, since EddyStudy 1.3 this is possible. Just create a backup in the Android version and then restore that backup in the iOS version.

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